About Me


New Mexico Blonde Blog

Hello, my name is Lindsay. I have lived in New Mexico since I was 6 years old. I recently moved from Albuquerque to beautiful Santa Fe, NM.

My blog is a little blend of anything and everything. I enjoy all things girly, so I will share about my style and fashion opinions. As a therapist my budget is limited, therefore I look for affordable pieces and good steals and deals.

I love exploring all that charming Santa Fe has to offer. My boyfriend and I travel as much as our jobs and wallets will allow, around New Mexico and the world. I don’t travel nearly as much as I would like, but I’m so thankful when I get the opportunity.

Also, I like to make an emphasis on what I packed on our trips, what I wished I would’ve packed, and what I could’ve left behind. That’s one of the things I find challenging when going some place new. It’s always such a headache for me.

I work full-time as a therapist,  but I hope this blog will be a welcomed escape from the daily grind 😉

Thank you to anyone who may follow along!