The Bride Box & Beach Wedding Venue Options

December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is having a great holiday with family and friends. I found a little bit of time to finish up the post I’ve been working on for a while, work has been so busy it’s nice to have some time off as I’m sure you’d all agree!

I’m excited to share with you a collaboration I did with The Bride Box. I also can’t wait to start sharing some details about our upcoming wedding. Both of which will be included in today’s post!

The Bride Box

Let’s start with The Bride Box. This company reached out to me right after I got engaged, and I was so giddy because A. I was still in the newness of being engaged, and B. I had a company reach out to work with me that I liked, which is always exciting!

Okay, so what is it? The Bride Box is a subscription box that you can gift to yourself or gift to a friend that is newly engaged. Each month you or that person will get a new box full of wedding focused goodies. It was so fun un-boxing it and seeing what was inside. My favorite thing my box included was a delicious smelling candle! One thing that I think is great about this box subscription is that you can make the gifts more personalized to the type of wedding you or that person may be having. I also love that you can go month to month, if you don’t want to commit, or choose a 3, 6, or 12 month plan. Another bonus that I  love about this company is your ability to cancel it at any time.

I have to be honest in my reviews… So my honest opinion is that this is not something I would buy for myself. However, I really love the idea of gifting this to a newly engaged friend or even sending  a few boxes as the the wedding nears, and making that special time even more special!

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Included in my box:

Pretty bobby pins, a delicious smelling candle, lip gloss, the “Mrs.” tee shirt (that runs really small FYI), and a sweet little glass jar that says “our honeymoon” to fill with sand if we go somewhere more tropical! Not included in the box… the champagne 🙂

Head to the to learn more details about this. Also, use code: NewMexicoBlonde15 for a discount.

Okay so on to some wedding details. We officially have a venue and a date, woo! I’m feeling great about that and some relief.

So, I’m not the kind of girl that has had her dream wedding planned from the day she turned 8, but… I have always known that I wanted to get married on the beach. So that’s where we began our search from day one. Joe’s family was so kind and sent us a book that was beyond helpful about wedding venues in Northern CA. They also have a website that makes venue searching a breeze, seriously check them out if you are planning a wedding, I highly recommend it. We both love California and Joe has some family there, so California seemed like the perfect place to narrow down the search. Little to my knowledge… it is not as easy as you may think to find a venue where you can actually get married on the beach in California. However, we did find a place… a few actually, and I will share our top 3 locations/venues we were deciding between and our final decision.

Our Top 3 Beach (toes in the sand) Wedding Venue Options

1. The Dream Inn in Santa Cruz, California

Located in Santa Cruz, CA. This is where we are getting married! We are getting married August, 2018 and I can hardly wait. We loved this place for a number of reasons. They had the option to get married on the beach. The hotel looks incredible, it has some surfer, laid-back vibes. The reception area is full of windows facing the ocean. The location of the hotel looks ideal, there is a pier close and an amusement park close as well.  I could go on about what we love about this place, but since I haven’t been there in person yet, I’ll wait to share more details. Click here if you want to go to their website.

2. Sea Venture Beach Hotel & Restaurant

Located in Pismo Beach, CA. This hotel and The Dream Inn were the two we had to make a final decision between.  This decision was tough! This hotel gives me quaint, 80’s, small, surfer town vibes. Click here to check out their website.

3. Wedgewood Weddings Carmel

Located in Carmel, CA. This is another great option if you want to get married on the beach.  This is not a hotel, just a venue option. The people are so helpful and kind. A great option in my opinion. Click here to get more details.

That’s really all the details for now. We ordered our save the dates, they came in right before we left for Texas for Christmas. They turned out amazing, exactly what we wanted, very simple. We ordered from Minted. I will definitely share them soon!




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